Three Days Before Christmas

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Rachel Hauck

I’m at my Mom’s in Tennessee with all but one of my siblings. The nieces and nephews are going crazy, running through the house laughing and playing.

They range from twenty-two to three!

We’re chowing on pizza and salad, yes, salad, surfing Christmas movies and deciding what to do with the restless three year old.

It’s always fun when the family gets together. We’re of the same mind, mostly, spiritually and politically.

And we’re all Buckeye fans.

Well, we’re not all football fans.

I just said to my sister, “Ohio State is the first non champion to go to the play offs.”

She said, “Are you speaking English to me.”

Whaaa? She totally skipped the football loving gene.

I’ve finished all of my shopping today. Are you finished with yours?

I’m a gift giver. I love giving!

In return, I like gifts myself. I can’t help it!

We’ve loaded up on snacks. The Snicker bites are in the freezer. I mean, where else? It’s tradition. I taught one of my nephews and one of my nieces a hand game I used to play with my Dad.

There are card games and board games going on. Presents being wrapped and placed under the tree.

Love abounds.

The season is about a God becoming man, About a cradle leading to the cross. About a savior being born. And I love that the blessing of his birth blesses us this year.

It’s evident in the love we show – imperfect, impatient, yet persevering and enduring. We are blessed.

What about you? How is your Christmas blessed this year?

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