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Rachel Hauck Despite the great rip-tide scare of 2015, my sister and her family made their third annual spring vacation trek to our house.

We love it. My brother-in-law makes biscuits and gravy — my husband’s love language — and grills steaks.

Yea, spring break is great for me! Ha! Note to self: do more of the cooking next year.

Most of the days are spent at the beach. I bought a nice boogie board when my brother was here with his kids and we all became proficient. Even though as I was learning, an older couple stood on the shore and laughed when a second wave turned me heels over head… True story. 😉

The waves were pretty strong the week my sister was here. Careful of rip tides, we kept my nieces close to the shore but far enough out to catch some good boogie waves.

Mid week, somewhere in the course of the day, my 11 year old niece got mad at her mom and decided to ignore her, giving her the silent treatment

My sister, in her wise stride, ignored her attitude and went on having fun with her in the waves. As my niece boogie boarded with a vengeance, my sister stood in the water, waves swirling around her legs, tugging and pulling.

She turned to me and says as my niece boogie boards past, “The waves are so strong. I just want to keep an eye on her.”

My niece stomps past, eye on another wave, clueless. She feels she’s teaching my sister a lesson. “I’ll show you what I can do,” completely unaware that her mom is standing guard.

In that instant, I saw the Lord. As our Father, He watches over us. Even when we are unaware. Even when we think He’s against us, far away, or not caring, He’s in the midst of our waves, watching.

We think we’re “doing it ourselves.” But He is ready just in case something goes wrong.

My sister couldn’t protect my niece from a rogue wave, but she was reading to dive in if one tried to take her out.

God on the other hand, can protect us from life’s rogue wave, but often He uses those moments to teach us, to draw us to Him. Rachel Hauck

Yea, sure there are things like abuse or fatal accidents that confound us. But I am convinced He is still standing in the waves, watching over us, rescuing us.

My point is to trust Him. To have faith He is always with us, watching out over us. I feel Him when I share this story.

He’s the God who watches. Who stands with us in the waves. Even when we think we’re all on our own.

Isaiah 42:6 “I am the Lord, I have called You in righteousness, I will also hold You by the hand and watch over You…”

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  1. Karen Phelps

    Love hearing of your adventures. Your writing is so awesome! I’d love to come to an autograph signing. Let me k ow when you have one and I will try to come. Any in midvale or sandy Utah?
    Karen Phelps

    1. Post
      Rachel Hauck

      Thanks so much Karen. If I’m ever in Utah, I’ll let you know! I don’t travel much for book signings other than trade shows. 🙂

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