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Rachel Hauck, The Wedding Chapel

Can this be me in the spirit?

Sometimes people ask if I’d ever write a non fiction book. After all, I did major in journalism at the great Ohio State.

But I loved writing features more than the hard news. I prefer to make things up rather than writing “just the facts.”

When I was in journalism school, the facts were very important. I understand truth not critical to journalism today but in the ’80s, it was.

A few years ago I thought about writing on menopause. “Menopause Sucks But You Too Can Have A Happy Life.”

Yet, after the fact, I figure, “Ah, who cares? Lots of other women are writing about menopause.” (If you’re interested, I did blog about it on this very site!)

Non fiction to me is about expertise. About teaching and imparting. I like to think I spill my little nugget of wisdom cleverly into my stories.

So why reinvent the wheel? There are so many good teachers and preachers out there. So many good people talking about Godly things.

Why does my voice need to join them? The truth is I’d be more of an echo than a voice. “Yea, what he said.” “I agree with her!”

A few months ago I found myself in this conversation again—What about non-fiction?—and it hit me, “I’d like to write a memoir.”

About what? Back to the menopause jungle?

I’d like to write something kitschy like Nora Ephron’s “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” But I’m not sure I’m liberated enough. I’m not worldly enough.

Don’t mistake me. I’m transparent enough. I’ll tell you almost, almost anything, but it’s that wise? Just because I want to write about it doesn’t make it meaningful or valuable or, here’s the kicker, eternal.

As a Christ follower, I’m always aware of my action, words, time-spent. “Is it lasting?”

I’m pretty sure the time I spent binge watching “fill in the blank” television show is not eternal. But yea, I get it, God allows us to have fun. He’s a fun God. He allows us down time. I’m just one of those who questions everything.

If I write a memoir, I don’t want it to be rude or sarcastic. We have enough of that in the world. At present, Donald Trump is running for president. Nuff said.

If I write a memoir, I would like it to actually help people. Inspire them. I read Rosario Butterfield’s memoir last summer and was really impacted by her testimony.

As I mulled over this, I kept coming back to the topic of prayer.

I’m passionate about it. I’m drawn to it. I’m IMPERFECT in it. But everything in my life journey points back to prayer.

As a kid, I’d walk the woods by grandmother’s house talking to God. Singing. Making up stories and people in my head.

From the git-go, prayer has been in my DNA. There’s just not a lot of kitschiness in that, is there?

Yet I’m not sure where I’d be in life without it.

So this is my experiment on a memoir. I’ll blog about it first. You know, in those spare moments between deadlines.

It’s just such a privilege to pray. To partner with God for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.

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  1. Sharon Hayes

    Love it Rachel, especially about the call to prayer. Why is it that what we are called to we get so distracted away from it. We just have to keep coming back to the call.

      1. Peggy Simpson

        Rachel, I’ve only just found your novels/ I loved The Wedding Dress. Now, I’m off to see how many others you have written. I haven’t learned, yet, if you’re a southerner. I loved that the first book of yours that I read was set in Birmingham and Florence, Alabama. I live in Tuscumbia, very close to the birthplace of Helen Keller. I’ve suggested your books to the Book Club of which I’m a member.. I loved The Wedding dress. I’m in a hurry to read The Wedding Chapel and then The Wedding Shop. I’m 84 years old so now you can see why I’m in a hurry.Peggy Simpson

        1. Post
          Rachel Hauck

          Peggy! It’s great to hear from you! Thank you for reading my books!! I laughed when you said you were 84 and “why I’m in a hurry.” May you have many blessed years ahead of you! XO, Rachel

  2. Steven A. Applegate

    I enjoyed your blog, Rachel. I also wanted to tell you something to lift you up. Back in the day when our family went to New Covenant my wife would say every week, (while on the way to church) “I hope Rachel’s leading worship”. The other leaders were good too but Teresa liked you the best.
    Not a day goes by I don’t think of her.

    1. Post
      Rachel Hauck

      Steve, thanks so much. It’s good to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear about Teresa. May the Lord give you peace!! Blessings, Rachel

  3. Sandy Bennett Logan

    I heard you speak at a WIN meeting in Tulsa, OK about 5 years ago. I have read several of your books and liked them all but The Wedding Chapel is my stand-out favorite!
    I write, too, but have not published yet. I love what you wrote in this blog about your work speaking to people of Christ, and your words about prayer. Just wanted to say I love your work and love it that I can put a face to the name. God Bless you and your writing.

    1. Post
      Rachel Hauck

      Sandy, Thanks, it’s so good to hear from you. I loved speaking to the Tulsa group! And I’m glad you liked The Wedding Chapel! It was a fun one!

      Keep writing! Publishing has so many more options today than when I started. Thank you for writing. It means SO much!


  4. Cindy Miller

    I love your books! “The Wedding Dress”, “The Wedding Shop”…reading “Once Upon a Prince” now I enjoy your blog. I agree I don’t know where I would be without prayer

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