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Rachel Hauck

Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! If you’ve just discovered the hunt, be sure to start at Stop #1, and collect the clues through all 31 stops, in order, so you can enter to win one of our top 3 grand prizes!

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Good Luck!

Now welcome my friend and fab author Louise Gouge!


Cats And Their Authors

By Louise M. Gouge

I love cats. Period. Always have. Always will.

When I became a writer and began to meet other writers, I wasn’t at all surprised to learn many of them also love feline critters.

hemingway-and-catCats and writers just seem to go together. Three famous writers of the past, T. S. Eliot, C. S. Lewis, and Ernest Hemingway, have written about these furry friends in poetry and prose.

Who can forget that Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats was the inspiration for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s great musical, Cats? Lewis said, “I have a great respect for cats–they are very shrewd people.” Someone gave Ernest Hemingway a six-toed cat, and its descendants still live in and around the author’s Key West home.

Rachel Hauck

Louise’s cat Tigger reading her book!

Fellow author Laurie Alice Eakes says, “I find my cats to be great stress relievers. Usually when I am working, I have one or both of them sprawled across my desk or my feet. When I pause to think, stroking their soft fur and listening to the resultant rumble of their purrs helps my brain relax and be creative…until they decide to help the writing by leaping with all four paws onto the keyboard.

More than one manuscript has gone off to my editor with a few odd characters imbedded in the manuscript, where I missed them in the final read-through.

Debbie Lynne Costello relates that her daughter’s cat sometimes walks on her keyboard, even moving the author out of the way. “I think she wants to be a writer when she grows up.”

Rachel Hauck

Meet Puff! She’s adding his own words to Louise’s book.

I can relate to that. We have three cats, and each one has tried to enhance my stories by parking on or near my keyboard. Tigger lies on my desk and critiques my manuscript. Puff insists on adding her ideas to my stories.

MaryLu Tyndall agrees. “More than once, my cats have managed to either erase my writing or add their own special gibberish. And you know that intense, emotional scene I’m in the middle of writing? Try staying in the zone when a giant cat face appears in my vision, covering up my entire screen. Hard to get angry, however, when he’s purring and starts licking my nose.”

For a fascinating look at other authors of the past who were cat lovers, visit:

So how about you? Do you have a cat? Does he/she inspire you? In what way?


Louise Gouge, Rachel HauckLouise Gouge…Louise Gouge, Rachel Hauck

Award-winning Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical Romances. A f
ormer college professor of English and humanities, she enjoys visiting historical sites and museums. Learn more at, Twitter: @Louisemgouge

Her book Cowgirl Under The Mistletoe can be found here:



Your scavenger hunt word is Democrat,

Hop over to Louise’s site for Stop #11 to continue the hunt. Good luck everyone!

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  2. Deana Dick

    I do have a cat named Odie. She has always thought she was a dog. We had an outside dog and they would always be together. They played together and at night you could find thrm snuggled together in the dog house. When the dog died, Odie was lost. She was so sad and kept looking for her friend. Now she spends her time hanging around and being queen of the yard. I love her loyalty and her sweet disposition. She makes me smile everytime I see her.

    1. Post
      Rachel Hauck

      Deana, we had a cat who didn’t blink at a 100 pound Akita but ran and hid under a chair when my brother brought in a two pound kitten. LOL.

      1. Heather Harris

        We have a cat who took it chased a boxer who was getting a little too playful. It may be the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.

      2. Margie

        I well remember our cat, Miracle, who NEVER backed down from anything…be it a 165 # Malamute or our preacher’s naughty Labrador….who came bounding up onto our deck with the intent to scare her while he laughed with his companions about how the dog was about to put the cat in the wind….Well, the laugh was on him when Miracle sent the dog running with tail between his legs after one very carefully placed slash across the nose from said cat. She then very calmly laid back down and went back to her nap!!

      3. Rachael K

        A friend managed to take a video of their cat chasing a black bear away from their bird feeder–one hissing, not overly large, gray tomcat, versus one nearly full-grown bear!

        1. Post
  3. Becky Smith

    I enjoyed the Mental Floss post. I have yet to read Louise’s books, but they look interesting. I sooooo enjoyed your post about diamonds that I printed it out to read it again! Thank you! Thanks also for being part of the hunt.

    1. Post
  4. Sparksofember

    Puff is a beautiful kitty! I adore cats with a passion. After going about 10 years without one after my daughter was born, we finally got an adorable longhaired Torbie last year that I named Cali. And I can’t believe I’d gone without one for so long. The cat I had in high school was 18 pounds and named Friendly. He loved everyone – especially if they fed him. lol

    1. Post
      1. Sparksofember

        lol – his belly nearly hit the ground. We took him in as a stray and a few months later went away for a few days, leaving a tray of dry food out for him and our other cat. We came back to find him all rolly-polly and the other cat rather hungry. That’s when we learned he didn’t know when to stop eating like most cats seem to do.

      1. Post
  5. Donna Tyler

    My husband and I love cats. We have had houses built and now have 50 rescue cats and kittens and take care of about 10 more feral ones. We had one who tipped the scales at 25. She was a sweetie.

    1. Louise M. Gouge

      Thank you, Lucy. I’m glad you enjoy my books. About chickens, we’d love to have them, but we have to check the code for our neighborhood. We eat a lot of eggs, so it would be great to have our own. Messy, but great. LOL!

  6. Abigail Mitchell

    I love cats! I miss having them. My family and i had a large number of them on pur farm, but since i just recently got married, i miss them.

  7. Lora D

    I grew up with a dog, and my family wasn’t big on cats. After our dog passed away, my parents didn’t want any more pets (I went off to college & my sister was completing high school). One day a loud-mouthed baby kitten ran into our garage and begged my dad for food. He tried to ignore it and shoo it away, but she was determined to woo him–he was a tough case–but she did! She became part of the family–a sweet addition. From that day on, our family members have all had cats. LOTS of cats. Nearly all of them are rescues or former ferals. Cats have such incredibly fascinating personalities, they are soft and plush or fluffy, their purring is an instant relaxation drug, and they are so intelligent! I’ve become so adept at understanding cats that I’ve been called the “Cat Whisperer” many times–a high honor to me. None of mine invade my desk or computer (I’m an editor), but they certainly will do all kinds of creative antics (or outright scolding) to get me away from my work when I’ve been ignoring them for too long! Of course, I especially enjoy books that have cats in them. 🙂

  8. Evelyn Smith

    My mother had cats as far back as I can remember. I once told her that God didn’t intend for her to take in all the strays but she laughed. She always had a houseful.
    We have a black & white kitty that we rescued from 8″ of snow in Ohio, seven years ago this Christmas. She was barely weened and so precious. It was a 15 hour trip home and she was so good.
    We named her Soxy, for her white boots. I love to watch her looking outside, as she gets so excited when she sees the birds and squirrels. She can be so protective when she sees another cat or a dog in the yard. I love all her antics and the way she tears through the house for no apparent reason. Such a joy to have around, even when she gets in my lap and walks across my computer, or hollers at me when it time to eat. I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

  9. Ruth Toy

    I had a cat I got when I was 1 year old she stayed with us until she passed away when I was 20. She was my best friend, she had a bit of a ‘tude which I think is natural for cats 🙂 but she was very loving and faithful too. She was such a determined one even when she was sick she caught so many mice, birds (yes birds, when she was 18 years old she caught a bird she was feisty), ground hogs, you name it! I miss her actually! We had nonstop kittens when I was home and a good friend! I am trying to convince my hubby to allow me to have a cat but we have 2 kiddos and live in the city. I want a cat who can be outside and enjoy the country but make sure she comes home! 🙂

  10. Gail Hollingsworth

    I loved cats when I was growing up but not now. My daughter has a cat that’s mean. He attacks my grandkids and that I can’t tolerate.
    I have an almost 12 yr old five pound yorkie who’s very gentle with kids.

  11. Margaret Nelson

    I was born loving cats! When I asked for one at age 3, for Christmas, and received a stuffed one in my stocking, I indignantly told my parents I wanted a REAL LIVE cat! Thankfully when I got married, my husband was not allergic (I’d prayed ahead of time the Lord would send me a husband who wasn’t allergic) 🙂 Currently we have 2 elderly Russian Blues. They inspire me to sleep in 🙂

  12. Donna B

    My family has had cats off and on but we are more of dog lovers than cats. I have had several dogs of my own after growing up but right now we don’t have any pets. Louise is a new author to me. I love reading the Love Inspired books!

  13. Shirley Strait

    My daughter has a cat that though not necessarily inspiring is amazing. My husband has severe cardiac issues, and when he isn’t doing well I know it without him saying a word because the cat won’t let him out of her sight.

  14. Mimi

    We’ve had cats all my life! We just had to put my daughter’s 18 yr old cat, Pearl to sleep. We also have an old man cat named Simba. He’s got Diabetes and gets shots 2x/day. He came to us when he was about 2 as a stray. He’s just the best cat. My cats inspire me to relax. I don’t do that very well or very often. I’m ready for a couple new kittens!

    1. Post
      Rachel Hauck

      I like that… “re home.” We had a cat but realized so many were allergic to cats we didn’t want another one. Then Hepzibah wandered into our back yard. But she lives outside 80% of the time. We brought her in the night of the hurricane and she cried all night long! She wanted out! LOL. But she’s sweet. Most of the time.

  15. Candycerv Cervenka

    I have a cat named Lily. We have deep conversations. It’s just so awesome to be able to come home after a stressful day and just vent.

  16. Julie Jobe

    We had a cat that one of my daughters named Butterball and he was definitely that! Huge cat. He looked like Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies, especially when Puss does the big, sad eyes. He used to tear through the house in the middle of the night doing who knows what. He passed away last January and we really miss him.

  17. Amber Ludwig

    I just have a stuffed kitty that I consider as my pet. I cuddle him when I want and even knit him a sweater to match one of my favorite t-shirts, just because! =) Also much easier to care for than a real pet. Plus I have bad allergies anyways. =(

  18. Michelle Newman

    I really enjoyed reading your Diamonds Come from Pressure post on Katherine Reay’s site. I’m doing Nanowrimo this year (trying for 1,500 words a day for a month) and I did 31 days of blogging last month. Last month was a push to come up with something to say everyday, and as far as this month goes, well, fiction doesn’t come naturally to me at all! So I really liked what you said. I know you are a professional writer, but I’m still super impressed you put out three books so quickly! I marvel. 🙂 I still love Georgia on My Mind best of all!

    1. Post
      Rachel Hauck

      Michelle, you can do it!! So proud of you for setting goals. I’m WAY impressed you did 31 days of blogging. I need to do that! LOL But I get side tracked with words needed for my books instead of a blog. Ha! Professional writing is really nothing more than I get to do it as my day job. But don’t cute yourself short on your own talent and creativity. 1500 words a day is stellar! 🙂 Hugs! Rachel

    1. Post
  19. Megan

    I have an 18 pound orange beast named Elijah. He looked like he was on fire when he was tiny. He likes to help me read and write by laying on and/or knocking over my book, Kindle, or laptop. He definitely helps me take needed breaks.

  20. Andrea Woodard

    I have enjoyed the books of your’s that I have read. We have 3 indoor cats and they tend to drive us crazy at times.

  21. Pauline Osborne

    Thanks for sharing about Louise on the “Hunt”. I had a cat as a child but now sure why -have not since grown up. many dogs but no cats.
    Enjoy reading your books Rachel and thanks for being a part of the Hunt this year.

  22. Shirley Davidson

    Yes, I had a cat. The story of how she came to us is long but Joey (yes female) was such an important part of me, my mother and family and long before we owned computer or laptops. She lived with us/me for twenty years. My heart broke when she passed away even though she was probably ready to go. I miss her to this day and wonder what she would think of my cockatiels.

  23. Janet B.

    We have dogs in our home but I remember my grandmother always having cats around the farm. I remember one cat that she would fix an egg for every morning. When the cat began to climb on her kitchen table she wasn’t very happy about that & so Mama didn’t let her in when cooking or eating after that!

  24. RoryLynn

    Thanks for being a part of the hunt I find all the information is fun and informative and wonderful to learn about other authors..I am already on your Facebook….

  25. Frances Cavallo

    I love cats!!! We have three right now…Moonliggt or Moonie…Gypsy and J.J….our fat cat…although we have had more…at one time…in our house!!! They are always rescues…because we feel like we are giving a cat another chance at life!!! We also have three dogs…Bella…a German Shepherd…Oscar and Gracie…Dachsunds…plus we have a Macaw named Fathom..and oh, I almost forgot our turtle named Squirt…all rescues like I said and very, very loved!!! But they also return that ten fold!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!!! Have a wonderful, Blessed Day!!!

  26. Brenda Taylor

    We have 4 cats: 1 ferral outdoor (mother of our kittens Tobin and Sarai), 1 indoor/outdoor (who we believe was dropped off in our cul-de-sac 3 years ago. He walked into our house and into our hearts), and the 4 month old “twins” (littermates) Tobin and Sarai. They (especially the kittens) get into so much mischeif but you still love them.

    1. Post
  27. Megan Hamsher

    My first cat, “Buddy”, was “rescued” from the veterinary clinic where I was volunteering at the time.
    He loved being brushed, but I was the ONLY one who was allowed to brush his tail!
    He didn’t care who gave him attention either; he’d happily curl up on anyone who would let him.

    When he passed away on my birthday, I was heartbroken.
    A couple weeks later, I found out that there was a Pet Adoption Weekend at Petsmart.
    I knew what I was after: single cat, young, and female. Of course, that knocked out most of the cats.
    There was a beautiful little orange kitty and a larger grey kitty left.
    After I finally found someone trying to sell me pet food, I explained I had cat food and no cat – I wanted to meet a couple of the cats.
    Turned out that the orange kitty hated being held; I was looking for a snuggle partner.
    So it came down to the grey cat on the bottom. When the cage was opened, she crawled underneath the cages (and you know how low the cages are to the floor!). I got on my belly and talked to her. When she finally came out and I picked her up, she “melted” into my arms. I looked over at the employee. “Yep .. I think I found my next cat!”
    The name they had given her was “Ashton” … but the only Ashton I ever remember coming across was from the mini-series North & South, and she was a very nasty lady. Then it came to me: I’ll call her “Ashes” – yes, she’s solid grey, but mostly because “out of the ashes of my sadness came my next furry friend.”
    Now she’s a little over a decade old, but nobody would figure that out because she is just as nosy, curious, and active as she has always been!

    1. Post
  28. Lisa

    Thanks for participating in the Scavenger Hunt! Sorry but I’m all dog lover here. My sis & her family had a cat tat lived for about 20 years and I have to say he was a sweetie.

  29. Brenda W

    I have had cats in the past who would climb on to my computer desk. Also one cat liked to get between me and my cup of hot tea.

  30. Halita

    I have a black and white tuxedo with big greenish/yellow eyes. She is 11 years old and she is my buddy. Her name is Bianca Marie Wilson otherwise known as BMW.

  31. Linda Horin

    We don’t currently have a cat. Our daughter who just moved back home has a Yorkie-poo. The last cat we had was a mostly outside cat named Alfalfa who would come running when my husband came home from work, jump up on his truck and climb in the window to greet him. The whole time, Alfalfa would be yowlng at the top of his lungs. It was really funny to watch!

  32. Rhonda

    I loved the Wedding Shop. I was first introduced to your books through a friend who recommended the Wedding Dress. I loved your books about the Country Music songwriter since I am from Nashville & loved the Lowcountry novels. I always thought the model on the cover of the book Love Starts with Elle looked like Julianna Hough. Not to mention how the Royal Wedding Series is fun to imagine as reality. It was your books that got me hooked on Christian Fiction and for that I will always be thankful.

    1. Post
  33. Deborah Rolman

    I have a calico cat named Bella that used to sit on the balcony and watch my neighbor walk her dogs. One day she decided that we should go for walks also. As soon as I get home every evening she runs outside and waits somewhat impatiently for me to put down my things and change shoes. I used to say I took her for walks but I’ve come to realize that she decides where we’re going and I just follow. I think books and cats just go together.

  34. Debora Wilder

    I had a very special cat named Winkie from when I was in middle school until I left home for the Air Force. He was a wonderful chaperone whenever boys came to visit me. He stayed in living room where we were talking. Depending on which boy was over I knew as soon as we sat down on the the sofa what Winkie thought of him. Winkie always jumped up and lay down between us to make sure the boy didn’t get too close. Most of the time he was laying lengthwise along my leg. There was one boy that he didn’t like or trust at all. He stretched out with his head on my leg and his back paws pushing that young man as far away as he could. There was only one boy Keith, that he really liked. When Keith came over Winkie lay down on the floor near our feet. I was heartbroken when he developed cancer and my parents had to have him put down before I was able to get back home. I never had the chance to see how he would react to my husband.

  35. Carolyn Benton

    My cat, Skylar, has routines. A set time when he wants to eat, wants to nap, when he wants to be loved and cuddled, and a time when he likes to play. Skylar has a healthy mix of nourishment and rest and still takes time to exercise (play) and have solitude. My cat inspires me to keep my routines as well, stay healthy and enjoy the simply things of life.

  36. nicole

    I love my kitties! And while I’m not a writer, I’m a teacher, and have had many times where they have helped me as I compose a test or notes for classes.

  37. Beth

    We have had cats most of my life. We have 2 cats at this point. Our female, Elliot, is so awesome. We rescued her from the Humane Society as a baby. She is not afraid of anything including the 2 dogs we have in the house who are both large dogs. She rules the house. She is my comic relief…..from the moment we looked at her she would and will still do acrobatics and just about anything to get a laugh. She makes my heart happy and I love her spirit. Thank you for being part of the hunt, I loved reading about the authors cats and the responses about other peoples cats.

  38. Cheryl Olson

    My family has a cat named Milly that we all adore. She wandered into our lives as a stray and has completely taken over :). She has a bit of sass and we love her that way. My daughter was in a community theatre production at the time of Seven Brides of Seven brothers and the lead character was named Milly and she has plenty of sass so it fit 🙂

  39. Judy Cox

    I love cats!! I had my one and only cat for 17 years. We had Muffin from a kitten until a few months ago when she died of old age. I haven’t been able of thinking to get a new one. She was a member of our family.

  40. Brenda

    I never thought about the connection between authors and cats before, but it makes sense! I have a cat named Maximus (the kids got to name him!) and he’s full of personality!

  41. Jan Hall

    I do have a cat named Itsy. She showed up barely alive because she was so malnourished. Her momma had been killed. You could see all of her bones and her hair was falling out. She is now thriving. She goes on walks whenever I take my dog for a walk. She follows along and it is so cute.

  42. Terrill Rosado

    We have two cats and one dog. Although I am more of a dog person, one of our cats is my buddy. He always seeks me out when I am relaxing and snuggles into me. The other cat is a bit annoying, but has a best friend in my 17 year old daughter.

  43. Tricia Morrison-Stork

    Currently I have two cats that we rescued. They are a pair of diluted torties sisters that I received for a Christmas gift four years ago. We enjoy watch their goofy games they play. Thank you for the chance to win and for being a part of the hunt.

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